Dr. Rory has your back!

At Chiropractor Somerset West Dr. Rory does not only look to ease your pain and disability, but also aims to correct the cause in order to prevent problems in the future. Dr. Rory assists you in achieving health and performance by restoring the function of your musculoskeletal system in order to remove the stress on your nervous system, which, in turn, allows your body’s self-healing capacity to occur naturally. His approach is a natural, safe, drug free, surgery free, conservative approach to healthcare that can benefit the whole family.

Together with Dr. Rory, you will achieve fantastic results with a comprehensive holistic approach that incorporates a combination of Chiropractic joint adjustments, exercises and stretching recommendations, ergonomic and postural analysis, dietary advice and supplementation.

What is chiropractic?

It’s likely you know at least one or two people who make regular visits to a chiropractor, and it’s also likely these people swear by the benefits of chiropractic care. So, what is chiropractic care all about? And, more importantly, is it right for you?

Chiropractic is Greek for ‘done by hand’. It is a natural, complimentary, hands-on, drug free, surgery free approach to health.

Chiropractic has a long history dating back to 1895 when the first official adjustment was given. Since its inception, Chiropractic has risen to become the third most used primary care profession in the world after medicine and dentistry.

Chiropractic works on the premise that good health is partially dependant on a normally functioning spine and nervous system, but is not limited to only this and Chiropractors can also treat the extremities.

How does Chiropractic work?

It is a Chiropractors task to evaluate the biomechanical structure of the spine to ensure that each one of the individual vertebra are moving freely and are not displaced or fixed in any way. Any such displacement or jammed vertebra can cause the spinal nerve that exits from the intervertebral foramen/opening, to become irritated either through direct pressure or through indirect stimulation/irritation. Therefore any problem in any one of the vertebral joints can affect the related part of your nervous system, which in turn can lead to such symptoms as pain in the back or neck as well as many other spinal problems.

Who can benefit from Chiropractic?

Because chiropractic is a non-invasive treatment option, virtually anyone, regardless of age, can benefit from chiropractic care. These include:
– Babies and Children;
– Pregnant women;
– Office workers;
– Factory workers;
– Law and traffic enforcement members;
– The elderly;
– Athletes; and
– Many others.

What can Chiropractic treat?

Chiropractic can treat numerous conditions, like:
– Lower back pain;
– Sciatica;
– Neck and upper back pain;
– Headaches (e.g. tension, migraines);
– Whiplash injury;
– Shoulder, arm and hand pain/tingling;
– Hip, leg and foot pain/tingling;
– Sports injuries;
– Infantile Colic; and
– Many more common ailments.


Dr. Rory’s therapy has been a tremendous help for me especially for the headaches I get after suffering a severe whiplash ages ago and the nature of my work is a big trigger. – Patsy M

Baie dankie vir jou flinke diens, elke keer as ek jou hulp nodig het. Ek wil jou komplimenteer met jou kennis en die deeglike, sistematiese en logiese manier hoe jy `n probleem benader en dit dan oplos. – Pieter R

Dr Tychsen manner is most professional, yet with a soft approach. He explains all the procedures step by step. The exercises he has recommended have also helped me tremendously, which I will certainly continue with. – Michael M

“I’ve been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.” – Tiger Woods

What I like about Dr Rory is that he takes his time, breaks down muscle spasm first and does a thorough job of checking through the whole back. – Patsy M

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